The New-Age Armoured Car: Tigr

In general, many individuals want to know “Tigr” Armoured Cars are a game-changer or just waste of rubles. Well, if you are one among them who is curious to know how good these cars are, then read on this article and know all about .

Armoured cars

In the military arsenal vehicles, the 4×4 car is the standard vehicle as it can easily move troops and carry crew-served weapon effortlessly. The capabilities of these armed cars are that they are light vehicles and they can easily decide if the soldiers live on the battlefield or die.  GAZ Tigr is a Russian’s make 4×4 cars, but it is everybody’s concern that how good this car is compared to other foreign vehicles and its previous models.

The story of the ‘Tigr’ started in late 1990. A famous GAZ design team produced a model as the UAE wanted a motor vehicle that is similar to the Humvee the American model, but they wanted the car with more armor.  The produced the vehicle and it was ready for testing by the mid of the year 2000.

The company manufactured a small number of “Tigr” in the year 2000 and they used these vehicles mostly for internal use for MVD teams. In the year 2007, the Ministry of Defense legitimately adopted the Tigr for the armed forces however production was not raised up until late 2000 and early 2010.

During the same period, the Russian Army acquired Italian Iveco LMTs in 2009, with a considerable purchase in 2012. Both the Iveco and Tigr are made similar in technical aspects and perhaps they were significantly similar in overseas production belief as the earlier generation Tigrs were dependent on overseas components for production. As you can understand, it was not completely local design.

Armoured cars

But, in 2010 the new domestic engine manufactured in Yaroslavl and the engine fitted perfectly to Tigrs.  Also, the design advanced into the Tigr-M that contains brakes, new differentials, NBC system, a little different NBC system, and a hull design. It may still utilize foreign components in alternative regions, but this is tentative.

Presently, this vehicle is in use widely all over the Russian Military.  The car has been seen by OSCE Observers in Ukraine, Crimea, and in both Russian and Syria.  Also, various other CIS countries bought the Tigr for their requirements.

The mechanical aspects of the Tigr are usual for a motor vehicle of its category.  It is defiant to smaller arms fire, even if any HMG fire or anti-vehicle is responsible to penetrate its armor.  The car’s maximum speed is around 125kmph and it can come with a turret ring as an option to grow a Kord or PK machine gun or AGS-17 mechanical grenade catapult on it. The Tigr has also been used as a base for a wide variety of other purposes. Also, controls based on BRDM and UAZ chasses of previous vehicles were replaced with control and command variants.


In all aspects, the Tiger has surely provided satisfactory in service in Syria, Ukraine, and regionally. But, the design of the vehicle is probably lesser compared to some other 4×4 Russian lightweight.