Accredited Examiners

How soon do I need to send the results of any exams given to the ARSC?

Within 10 working days.

How do I know when to renew my AE status?

AE status is given by Industry Canada for three years. AE status is up for renewal every three years on the first day of the month of birth; EX: If an AE renews in 2007, and his/her birthday is in July, then his/her status is valid until 2011 July 1st.

To renew, Appendix A from RIC-1 must be filled out and sent to the ARSC.

How long should I be keeping exams for my records?

Industry Canada requires that Accredited Examiners keep exams for a minimum of three years.

There are only a few/no examiners in my area, and I am interested in becoming one. How do I go about this?

To become an Accredited Examiner one must have their Basic, Morse (5 wpm) and Advanced qualifications. RIC-1 is the document that gives information for Accredited Examiners, and it also has the application for called Appendix A. This form should be filled out and sent to the ARSC. Candidates will be contacted for interview, usually conducted by phone, to determine whether they qualify to become Accredited Examiners.