Call sign inquiries

Is the call sign database accessible to the public?

Yes, the public can access the database at the Amateur Radio Service Centre

I applied for a special call sign that I used before in another contest, but my request was denied. Why?

A special event call sign can only be used once in a twelve month period, and only for one event.

How do I know if my event qualifies for a special call sign?

Please see RIC-9 for details on special call signs.

Why do I have to wait to apply for a two-letter call sign?

In certain areas there is high traffic of amateur operators. In these areas there are far less two-letter call signs available. For this reason certain areas require that an individual has been an amateur for at least five years before they are eligible to obtain a two-letter call sign. These provinces are: Nova Scotia; Quebec; Ontario; Manitoba; Saskatchewan; Alberta; British Columbia; and Newfoundland. The regions where there is no five year designation are: North West Territories; New Brunswick; Labrador; Nunavut; Yukon; Prince Edward Island. No matter where you live in Canada, you may not hold more than ONE two-letter call sign. Clubs may not apply for a two-letter call sign.

I would like an additional call sign. Am I allowed to have more than one call sign?

An amateur may hold as many three letter call signs as they wish. It costs $60 to obtain additional call signs after they receive their original call sign. See for the application. An amateur may not apply for an additional two-letter call sign if they already hold a two-letter call sign. A club may also have as many call signs as they wish. It also costs $60 for each additional call sign requested. The form is the same as that used for individuals. RIC-9 3.0 for schedule