Check these common requirements for renting a car

At times we do need to rent a car for several purposes. A car renting service can let you rent the car for a long period of time or even for a day. But to rent the car you need to meet some guidelines so that the renter can provide it to you with trust. In general, most of the companies follow the guidelines provided by the government but sometimes they can demand other things.

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It isn’t a tough job to find downtown Toronto car rental services at a place. You can easily go to Google and search ‘downtown Toronto car rental to find results for companies that rent cars near your place. But you should always choose a downtown Toronto car rental who are renowned for their service and provide it at the best price in the market.

Common requirements for renting a car:

  • A Valid Driver’s License: When you are renting a car it is inevitable that you will need a driver’s license. It is important to have a class “G” driver’s license that will be valid for the whole time when you will rent the car. A person with only a learner’s permit cannot rent a car. A person having a valid driving license of another country may also be able to rent a car.

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  • Minimum Age: You need to be a certain age to drive a car and in Canada, you need to be of the drivable age to rent a car. Most renting companies follow the rules for renting a car to people who are above the age of 20 to 23. Many companies may also levy a surcharge for people under the age of 25 for renting a luxury car or an SUV. So, you will need to talk to the particular company about the topic.


  • Spotless driving record: It is important to have a good driving record when you are planning to rent a car. The downtown Toronto car rental company may also screen the person who will drive the car to test their efficiency.


  • Authorized Operators: Most rental companies will want to authorize a single driver to the car that they are renting out. You can also ask them to add extra authorized operators for extra money.

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  • Insurance: Insurance is an important thing while you are driving a vehicle. A renting company will definitely provide you with a contract that guarantees you liability coverage for an additional charge. They will also ask you about your personal vehicle insurance as it often gives you accident benefits while using a rented car as well. If you pay for the rent of the car using a credit card many companies also provide additional accident coverage.


  • Payment: Most of the downtown Toronto car rental companies will insist you to pay the whole amount via credit card to have an additional layer of security for them. Most of them will not accept a cash or debit card payment. Just talk with the company to check their payment policies.

So, here are some of the common requirements of the downtown Toronto car rental companies. Make sure to do a well amount of research before you actually go to rent the car. The best way is to check out each of the company’s website for their policies. We hope this helps you in knowing more about renting a car.


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