Other FAQs

How do I get my call sign on my licence plate?

Industry Canada is not responsible for licence plates. Please contact your provincial Ministry of Transportation.

Are cross-band repeaters (VHF-UHF) allowed in Amateur Radio if my equipment is capable of doing it?

Cross-band repeaters are allowed, but again you must have the Advanced qualification in order to operate a repeater and you may only transmit in the designated amateur bands.

Can I use my licenced amateur radio equipment for my business?

No, it is a term of an amateur radio licence that the holder of the radio shall restrict the activities of the station to those radiocommunication services specified by the licence. This means that with an Amateur licence the holder has agreed not to broadcast music, advertisements, any business related items etc.

Do I have to post my Radio Licence next to my radio equipment?

No. However, the holder of a radio authorization shall, at the request of a Radio Inspector, show the radio authorization or a copy thereof to the inspector within 48 hours of the request being made.

If I have an Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate with Basic Qualification, can I have a repeater?

No, the privilege of operating your own repeater, within the same band, is given only to operators with Advanced Qualifications.

Who do I address cheques to that I send to the ARSC for payment of additional call signs etc.?

All cheques and money orders sent to the ARSC should be paid to the order of: “Receiver General of Canada”.

I just passed my advanced / morse code / updated my qualifications, and I haven’t recieved a new certificate with my new qualifications yet. Why?

The only time the ARSC sends you a certificate is when you pass your Basic for the first time and receive your first call sign, and when additional call signs are obtained. The ARSC does not automatically send you a new certificate each time a new qualification is passed. If you have taken an exam for another qualification and you want a new diploma and certificate you must contact the ARSC and request it.